The Future of Accounts Payable: Priorities for 2018

The Future of Accounts Payable: Priorities for 2018

The role of Accounts Payable (AP) within an organization is rapidly evolving. The C-suite is adding pressure to drive cost and time savings while also insisting on more visibility into the AP process. It is no surprise that lowering costs is one of the main business objectives for AP leaders, especially when you consider the highly competitive business world that AP supports. In particular, AP has a huge effect on cash management, supplier management, and business intelligence.

In a recent report, Ardent Partners’, Chief Revenue Officer, Andrew Bartolini spoke about how he believes AP’s ability to influence the rest of the business will continue to grow. However, with growing responsibilities come growing pains. Success will depend on a number of things including technology adoption, evolving business processes and developing supplier relationships.

Recent research by PayStream Advisors (below) found that AP staff are struggling with manual, time-consuming tasks throughout the process. Supplier onboarding, data entry, and invoice approval are all being impeded by a lack of technology and process adoption.



So it is clear that times are changing for accounts payable. Supplier needs, C-level demands and new data compliance laws like GDPR are forcing AP to evolve their ways. But with so many factors to consider and an already overburdened AP team, where should you start? Which initiatives should become an immediate priority and which can wait another year?

Next Tuesday, December 12, join Garret Pearse, an accounts payable expert with over 20 years’ experience and Michael Cullen, VP Marketing, SoftCo to discuss the current state of the accounts payable landscape. The session will cover the trends that all AP staff will need to be aware of and master to ensure success in 2018.


The Future of Accounts Payable: 5 Key Priorities for 2018


Insights will be drawn from the latest research from companies like Paystream Advisors, Ardent Partners, Cisco, Institute of Financial Management and PWC. It is also a great opportunity for you and your company to learn what your competitors are considering as their top priorities for 2018 and how to achieve them.

What will I learn by attending this 30-minute session?

  • The latest trends in supplier management and AP automation
  • The major effect that mobile is having on the AP process
  • The importance of protecting data and GDPR compliance in AP

*Sign up even if you can’t make it – we’ll share the recording.


Date: Tuesday, December 12th

Time: 11AM EST / 4PM GMT

Duration: 30 minutes

Price: Free


The Future of Accounts Payable: 5 Key Priorities for 2018





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