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ISAC CRH is a shared services centre supporting finance, IT, and administration services to the leading global building materials group. CRH employs approximately 76,000 people in over 3,300 locations worldwide. SoftCo AP Automation (SoftCo AP) was implemented in ISAC to automate invoice processes within its centralized finance function and to eliminate related costs.


The creation of ISAC involved managing a substantial amount of processes relating to accounts payable invoices, sales dockets, and accounts receivable receipting. Processing supplier invoices was often delayed by manual data entry errors and staff spending considerable time managing customer queries.


ISAC CRH chose SoftCo AP to centralize and automate the intelligent capture and processing of invoices, remittance advices, and cheques. SoftCo AP is integrated with Oracle for invoice posting following matching and approval. Through SoftCo Portal, all customer documentation such as delivery dockets, invoices, and statements are available to ensure instant access and swift query resolution.


ISAC CRH reduced not only the time it spends handling supplier invoices, but also the amount of errors linked to manual data entry. Instant access to customer documents has reduced debtor days and the amount of repetitive customer queries on inbound support calls have reduced dramatically, allowing the finance team to focus on more valuable activities.

“It was a paper nightmare with lots of scope for manual error. By automating the process we have made it quicker and more accurate.”

Jason Montgomery, ISAC CRH


SoftCo AP centralizes invoice processing, integrates with Oracle ERP system, and enables CRH to handle queries and cut costs.


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