Vhi Healthcare

Vhi Healthcare

Solution:AR eInvoicing

Vhi Healthcare (Vhi) is the largest provider of private medical insurance in Ireland, spending €1.2 billion annually in funding the healthcare needs of its customers. Vhi has 1 million claims generated across hospitals and primary care units each year. SoftCo ECM was implemented to manage the high volume and compliance requirements of health insurance claims and supporting documentation.


Vhi encountered problems of managing accurate information flows: ensuring claims were processed in a correct and timely manner and reducing the administrative burden of the claims procedure. In addition, Vhi provides excellent customer service to ensure claim queries are answered efficiently and all supporting documentation is readily available. The requirement was to implement an enterprise-level content management system to handle the large volume of documents and users.


SoftCo ECM was implemented to address the capture and compliant archive of high volumes of claims, with full integration to the Vhi’s claims processing system. SoftCo’s Outsource division scans and validates nearly 1 million health insurance claims per annum on behalf of Vhi and automatically stores them in the SoftCo compliant archive. SoftCo ECM's scalable architecture provides instant access to all claims information and supporting documentation directly or from within the Vhi claims processing system.


SoftCo ECM provides Vhi with a secure and efficient solution to manage claims documents. Handling nearly 1 million health insurance claims per annum, the combination of SoftCo’s award-winning technology and its superior service enables Vhi to process claims faster, eliminates manual handling, and provides full visibility throughout the claims process..

“SoftCo really understands the environment we and the hospitals are working in and that makes all the difference as we continue to make our business more efficient. They have always delivered a high level of service.”

Mark Byrne, Vhi Healthcare


SoftCo ECM provides Vhi with an enterprise-level system that delivers high performance and ensures compliance.


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