Automate P2P in weeks not months

Date: 08 Feb, 2017

SoftCo is delighted to announce the formal release of its new Purchase-to-Pay Intelligent Templating technology delivering P2P automation in weeks, not months.  This is a game-changer for the marketplace as 90% of the customization requirements for a fully integrated P2P project is now pre-configured as a best practice process within SoftCo P2P.

“Intelligent Templating represents a major leap forward for P2P automation. It enhances the business case for CFOs by reducing the impact on the organization without compromising on functionality. The results are fantastic.”

Anton Scott, CEO, SoftCo

The benefits of P2P automation are proven, with significant cost savings, reduced payment cycles, and enhanced visibility. However, traditional P2P implementation cycles are lengthy, resulting in additional project costs and the consumption of substantial internal resources.  By combining decades of experience with new Intelligent Templating technology, SoftCo has replaced the traditional cumbersome methodology, to create a new standard for P2P automation.

“We’ve developed a new exciting way of delivering end-to-end P2P in a matter of weeks. The technology guides our customers through a standard process of populating information like their supplier master data, GL codes, cost centers, budgets, users, and approval limits, and use the data gathered to intelligently configure SoftCo P2P to meet the organization’s specific requirements.”

Garret Pearse, Senior Consultant, SoftCo

SoftCo has a proven track record in successfully delivering fully automated P2P solutions for organizations like Primark, Volkswagen, PwC, Lloyds Bank, and Logitech. The release of its new Intelligent Templating technology, which will deliver P2P automation in weeks, not months, solidifies SoftCo’s commitment to industry innovation and drives real value for customers.

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