SoftCo P2P automates the process from procurement to invoice automation and payment posting to the organization’s financial or ERP system. Elimination of manual and duplicate processes provides visibility and control over corporate spend and accruals for month end closing.


AP Automation

SoftCo AP Automation processes vendor invoices electronically from capture and matching, to invoice approval, and query management. AP Automation replaces manual, paper-based processes and spreadsheets, and removes time-consuming and costly tasks such as; re-printing, stamping and filing.


AR eInvoicing

SoftCo AR eInvoicing enables organizations to deliver legally compliant, digitally-signed invoices electronically to their customers. AR eInvoicing provides a flexible solution for billing customers, allowing them to make the transition from paper-based billing to e-invoicing when they are ready.



SoftCo Enterprise Content Management (ECM) provides capture, document, and workflow management to automate a wide range of processes within organizations. SoftCo Connect seamlessly integrates SoftCo ECM with all finance systems, databases, and line-of-business applications.


Why choose SoftCo?

SoftCo combines decades of experience implementing best practice financial processes with highly-configurable software that is extremely easy to use. The flexibility of our software allows us to quickly configure to meet the specific needs of each client, shortening project timelines to a matter of weeks, not months. All of this means less project resources, less training, happy end users, and a clear return on investment.

Live in Weeks,
not months


Return on

What do our customers say?

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"We’ve seen a clear return on investment from our implementaition with SoftCo. We’ve saved hundreds of hours with the auto-match process."

Craig Eten
Sunny Delight Beverages

"SoftCo takes away all the useless activity so you can do your real, value-added work. Instead of manually keyinginvoices, the data is captured automatically."

Pamela Gallagher
Nashville General Hospital

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"The SoftCo system has now transformed the authorization time from roughly 3 or 4 weeks down to an average of 3 or 4 days."

Sharon Bessell

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