Supplier Relationship Management

Improve relationships while reducing costs

SoftCo Supplier Relationship Management

SoftCo Supplier Portal enables procurement and accounts payable teams to establish and maintain a strong supplier base across the entire supplier lifecycle from onboarding and validation to on-going maintenance. Organizations can reduce supplier risk while cutting the administrative costs of managing suppliers. Supplier information is entered into the system and updated by the supplier themselves. POs (Purchase Orders) and invoices are automatically created and routed internally for approval before being sent to the supplier.

Supplier Onboarding

Supplier onboarding is no longer a manual or time-consuming process. SoftCo Supplier Portal accelerates and simplifies the process of qualifying, approving, and adopting new suppliers.

Supplier Data Management

SoftCo Supplier Portal encourages suppliers to log in and input their own payment details and company information during the onboarding process. All documents are automatically routed to the appropriate person for approval ensuring that all data entered into the system is correct and compliant.

Intuitive Supplier Catalog

SoftCo10’s Supplier Catalog provides a controlled and efficient way of interacting with suppliers. The familiar ‘Amazon-style’ interface allows users to browse and search all pre-determined products and suppliers within one view.

Purchase Order Tracking

Suppliers can log in at any time and access their own portal with details about the progress of purchase orders including order confirmation and delivery estimates. If needed, suppliers can communicate with your accounts payable team within the portal.

Invoice Tracking Software

SoftCo Supplier Portal allows suppliers to submit invoices within the portal and log in and find out exactly where in the approval process their invoice is. PO Flip is a function that allows suppliers to take the required information from a PO and automatically create an invoice using the data.

Supplier Communication

SoftCo Supplier Relationship Management encourages engagement between the supplier and buyers in a controlled environment rather than paper-based or ‘over the phone’ fashion. Invoice progress can be flagged queried and logged within the platform.

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