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Bon Secours

Solution : AR eInvoicing

Established in 1993, the Bon Secours Health System is responsible for the management of private hospitals in Cork, Dublin, Tralee, and Galway. The hospital group is using SoftCo FormsAccess part of the SoftCo AR eInvoicing solution to access and query health insurance claims.


Bon Secours requried efficient and fast access to a large volume of patient insurance claims each month. Each submission to the insurer consisted of between 3 and 20 original documents, which had to be submitted, verified, and resubmitted if queries occurred. Bon Secours required immediate access to submitted claims in order to expedite queries and ensure efficient payment.


Bon Secours deployed SoftCo FormsAccess to access healthcare insurance claims. The health insurance claims are archive in the secure SoftCo Cloud environment. Bon Secours personnel can query claims via a range of search queries and prioritize high priority claims and queries where required.


SoftCo FormsAccess has enabled the efficient resolution of health insurance claims queries, and reduced the amount of claim resubmissions. Bon Secours has secure and fast access to all claims by a range of search options and has improved cash flow through faster payment of claims.


“Now we can go online and immediately check any problem and begin resolving it.”

Ian Brennan, Bon Secours

Bon Secours


Bon Secours is using SoftCo AR to speed up and automate the processing of 10,000 monthly patient insurance claims.


“SoftCo AR eInvoicing is elegant and easy to use, and saves us a massive amount of time.”

Ian Brennan, Bon Secours

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