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Donegal County Council

Solution : ECM

Donegal County Council (DCC) is located in the north west of Ireland with a widely distributed population that is administered from 6 public service locations, spread throughout the county. The local authority deals with regular public liability claims from people within its jurisdiction. SoftCo ECM was implemented to provide scalable and compliant document management for the local authority.


DCC has to deal with a regular stream of claims made against them by citizens who have suffered personal injury or damage to their property for which the council may be liable. The challenge was ensuring that all claims files are stored centrally, and that access was segregated and appropriately restricted to authorized employees who needed to certain claims files.


SoftCo ECM was implemented within DCC to provide capture, indexing, workflow, and compliant storage of all claim-related documents. SoftCo ECM is fully integrated with Microsoft Dynamics allowing DCC personnel to add documents from within Dynamics. SoftCo ECM allowed DCC to implement tiered access so that only those who are authorized to see a particular document can access it. The security, audit, and compliance within SoftCo ECM is an important element in the public liability claims application.


All documentation relating to public liability claims in DCC is now electronic and available to authorized personnel. Its security model restricts access to sensitive files to only those who are authorized to see them. SoftCo’s streamlined workflow makes for efficient use of resources and allows for a timely completion of tasks. Ease of integration with Microsoft Dynamics ensured effective claims management.


“The integration was incredibly painless. Once we had worked out issues with regards to internal access rights the integration was very easy to perform.”

Siobhan Foy, Information Systems Project Leader

Donegal County Council


SoftCo ECM automates public liability claims applications and is fully integrated with Microsoft Dynamics, providing security, audit, and compliance. 


"The SoftCo system allows us to build in tiered access so that only those who are authorized to see a particular document can access it."

Siobhan Foy, Information Systems Project Leader

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