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Solution : AP Automation

The EBS Building Society (EBS), with a head office in Dublin and 98 outlets nationwide, employs approximately 550 people and serves 450,000 members. EBS is using SoftCo AP Automation (SoftCo AP) to manage the electronic processing of 12,000 annual invoices and credit notes.


EBS was managing 12,000 annual invoices and credit notes using a paper-based, manual approval process. EBS required an automated system to ensure invoices were processed efficiently, and to achieve full visibility over each stage in the accounts payable (AP) process.  


SoftCo AP was implemented to automate the capture, keying, matching, and processing of invoice approval. Seamless integration with JD Edwards/Oracle Financials software provides authorized employees to access invoices and related information, which enables faster query resolution.  


EBS has control and visibility over its AP process. SoftCo AP has delivered capture and coding accuracy as well as efficiency and compliance to the new process. Automated sign-off has reduced the time taken to authorize invoices and integration with JD Edwards/Oracle Financials has enabled swift query resolution.


“Once the invoice has been scanned and input into the system it takes seconds to circulate; it’s a much faster process.”

Paul Foote, EBS



SoftCo AP has helped EBS streamline and handle 12,000 annual invoices and credit notes electronically, for greater control over its AP process.


“The new system has allowed us to achieve greater efficiencies across the system.”

Paul Foote, EBS

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