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Heiton Group PLC

Solution : AR eInvoicing

Heiton Buckley is part of Grafton Group plc, and operates from over 540 branches and from 11 locations in Belgium and from three locations in Poland. Heiton Buckley implemented SoftCo AR eInvoicing (AR) to automate the processing of proof of deliveries (PODs) and reduce debtor days.


Heiton Buckley managed the storage and access to AR documentation, specifically PODs, separately in each branch. This meant that they could not efficiently and quickly access PODs when customers required. Given that Heiton Buckley handled a large volume of PODs, there was considerable time spent searching for information for hundreds of daily transactions.


Heiton Buckley decided to centralize and outsource the capture and storage of the PODs and their associated documents. As part of the SoftCo AR solution, SoftCo scans all of Heiton Buckley's PODs, which are then delivered to a centralized electronic archive that is accessible to all branches.


By making all of Heiton Buckley's AR documentation accessible to all branches, the SoftCo solution has enabled the retailer to provide a high level of customer service across all of its branches. The company has reduced its debtor days, all documents are instantly and centrally accessible, and employee time has been freed up for other tasks.


“With this system everything is available electronically; it's made a huge difference to the work of our finance team.”

Andrew Hewat, Heiton Group PLC

Heiton Group PLC


Heiton Buckley centralized and outsourced the management of its AR documentation to SoftCo, which resulted in improved customer satisfaction and reduced debtor days


“SoftCo has revolutionized how AR staff meets our customers’ POD requirements.”

Andrew Hewat, Heiton Group PLC


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