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Hermitage Medical Clinic

Solution : AR eInvoicing

Hermitage Medical Clinic (Hermitage) is a private hospital in Dublin, Ireland. Specialized medical teams provide medical, surgical, and advanced radiotherapy care to patients and are supported by the very latest medical technology. SoftCo FormsAccess, part of SoftCo’s AR eInvoicing, was deployed to manage access to health insurance claims for the primary purpose of faster query resolution.


Hermitage needed an efficient way to access health insurance claims and process high priority or high cost claims. Hermitage required a quick and simple method to ensure that medical insurance claim queries are handled efficiently and that all supporting documentation is accessible and stored securely.  


SoftCo FormsAccess provides Hermitage Clinic with a cloud-based application that manages access to health insurance claims. The finance department can select high priority claims, resolve queries, and reduce the time it takes to process the claims. SoftCo FormsAccess ensures that all medical insurance claims are archived in SoftCo’s ISO 27001-certified cloud platform. 


SoftCo FormsAccess enables finance personnel in Hermitage to access and process health insurance claims. This saves time, enables fast responses to queries, and has a positive impact on cash flow as Hermitage can prioritize certain claims.     


“SoftCo FormsAccess integrates seamlessly with existing hospital information systems and makes the processing of claims so much easier: you can view a claim instantly from anywhere at any time”.

Garret Pearse, SoftCo

Hermitage Medical Clinic


Stored securely in a certified, compliant archive, health insurance claims can be easily retrieved, reviewed, and actioned by all parties.


“SoftCo FormsAccess makes the processing of claims so much easier. You can view a claim instantly from anywhere at any time.”

Garret Pearse, SoftCo

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