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St. Vincent’s Private Hospital

Solution : AR eInvoicing

St. Vincent’s Private Hospital (St. Vincent's) is one of Ireland’s largest private hospitals and is part of St. Vincent's Healthcare Group. SoftCo AR eInvoicing (SoftCo AR) provides St. Vincent's with cloud-based access to health insurance claims in order to expedite payment queries.


St. Vincent’s required access to health insurance claims that are submitted to insurers.  They required the ability to access claims by type in order to progress payment queries, particularly those of a high value. St. Vincent’s required a fast and simple method of accessing health insurance claims that were previously stored manually.


St. Vincent’s deployed SoftCo FormsAccess, part of SoftCo AR solution, to access healthcare insurance claims. SoftCo FormsAccess enables St. Vincent’s to easily access, securely store, and archive all claims documentation. All claims documentation is captured upon receipt and can be retrieved, viewed, emailed, and printed. The solution is delivered via SoftCo’s ISO 27001-certified cloud platform.


SoftCo FormsAccess automates the medical claims process delivering secure online access to all medical claims documentation. With SoftCo FormsAccess, the time to handle queries is significanly reduced. High value claims can be prioritized and processed quickly, improving cash flow.


“With the SoftCo solution, we don’t waste time searching for lost claims and simply access all the information we need on-demand.”

   Orla O’Sullivan, St. Vincent's

St. Vincent’s Private Hospital


SoftCo FormsAccess provides a fast and efficient way of accessing health insurance claims via SoftCo Cloud. Claims can be managed by type and priority, improving cash flow.


“SoftCo FormsAccesss has made the processing of claims much easier.”

  Orla O’Sullivan, St. Vincent's

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