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Sunny Delight

Solution : AP Automation

Sunny Delight Beverages Company (Sunny D) is a leading producer of juice-based drinks in North America, headquartered in Cincinnati Ohio. It currently produces and markets 7 brands and has over 600 employees. Sunny D implemented SoftCo AP Automation (SoftCo AP) to automate invoice processing and approval for over 65,000 invoices annually.


Sunny D's spreadsheet and email-based accounts payable process was rapidly becoming unsustainable for processing and approval of over 65,000 invoices a year. It was not possible to manually match invoices with purchase orders, and the complexity of the invoice meant that there were errors in coding, matching, and approval. The team of 4 lacked visibility over the financial workflow and was wasting valuable time on routine accounting tasks.


SoftCo AP enables Sunny D to capture invoices electronically on receipt and pre-populates fields utilizing intelligent character recognition. This considerably reduces the time and improves the accuracy of invoice registration and validation. A 3-way auto-match of each invoice against a purchase order and a goods receipt note saves hundreds of hours of employee time and facilitates straight-through processing of invoices. SoftCo AP is fully integrated with the Microsoft Dynamics ERP system.


The SoftCo solution has given Sunny D control over its entire accounts payable process, improving visibility and saving hundreds of hours in invoice approval times. Auto-match ensures 50% straight-through processing of invoices. SoftCo AP enables finance personnel to calculate the value of in-process invoices, supporting better cash flow management. Month-end close and accruals are completed faster, saving each employee about a day a month, every month.


“Auto-match handles 50% of all AP invoices for Sunny Delight, saving hundreds of hours of staff time each year.” 

Craig Eten, Global Accounting Manager, Sunny Delight

Sunny Delight


SoftCo AP handles over 65,000 invoices annually with auto-match and approval. Full integration with Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP eliminates re-keying of data.



"Auto-match now handles 50% of all AP invoices for Sunny Delight, saving hundreds of hours of staff time each year.”


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