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The Mater Private

Solution : AR eInvoicing

Located in the center of Dublin, Ireland, the Mater Private (MPH) is Ireland’s leading private hospital, providing its patients with world class medical facilities and care from medical, nursing and administration professionals. SoftCo AR eInvoicing (SoftCo AR) enables MPH to access health insurance claims via SoftCo Cloud.


MPH was manually processing up to 1,500 VHI medical insurance claims every 2 weeks, each containing up to 25 original paper documents. Accessing the claims was a manual process which resulted in difficulties handling discrepancies with the health insurers, and cost implications due to incorrect payment reconciliations.


SoftCo FormsAccess handles high volumes of offline scanning, creating soft copies of paper documents for each health insurance claim and storing them in SoftCo's ISO 27001-compliant cloud platform. All documentation is immediately accessible to MPH employees as a cloud service with a friendly user interface for search and retrieval.


With SoftCo FormsAccess, MPH and VHI insurance staff are now working from a common source of electronic documents. The MPH has noted increased efficiencies, time savings, more accurate claims submission and tracking, as well as improved insurance payment reconciliation.


“By giving us visibility of all documentation associated with a claim, SoftCo has significantly improved our claim submission and payment reconciliation process."

Liz Milburn, The Mater Private


The Mater Private


SoftCo have given MPH a cloud service with carefully constructed access controls that ensure the staff get precisely what they need in terms of storage and retrieval.


“SoftCo AR has made an enormous difference to us.”

Liz Milburn, The Mater Private

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