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Thornton & Partners

Solution : ECM

Thornton & Partners is a market leader in the provision of loss-adjusting services to insurance companies, primarily for domestic and commercial property claims with 8 locations throughout Ireland. SoftCo ECM was implemented to deliver enterprise content management to the organization.


Thornton & Partners manages large volumes of claims and each insurance claim file can comprise of a range of document types and formats - including photos, reports, receipts, and invoices. Emails were processed manually, were difficult to retrieve, and storing email attachments was becoming complex. Thornton & Partners required a solution to improve efficiency and visibility over their case management processes.


SoftCo ECM automates a case management solution for all paper-based claims documents and enables Thornton & Partners to easily access the case. SoftCo ECM captures and securely archives case-related emails and attachments as they pass through Thornton's Microsoft Exchange server, appending them to the relevant case files. Employees working remotely can capture photos, upload the details immediately to the office, ensuring that all claims evidence is accurately stored and archived.


With SoftCo ECM, Thornton and Partners has saved significant time and effort in managing its case workload. The ability to efficiently adjust and manage claims, and securely archive documents has improved the overall case management processes. The ability to manage the case remotely and incorporate mobile data has improved productivity.


"Before implementing SoftCo ECM, all our case management processes were manual and paper-based. As a business we were reliant on physical case files; we had limited visibility of the overall adjustment process."

David Hickey, IT Director

Thornton & Partners


Thornton & Partners has saved significant time in case management processing by remote, instant capture of case information.


"SoftCo ECM facilitates collaboration and visibility of all case files throughout the business."

David Hickey, IT Director

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