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Immediate response to queries that previously took in excess of 24 hours.

Reduction in administrative tasks has led to hours in saved time.

"Our response times are immediate, and retrieval of documents from our archive is instant."
Patricia Fletcher, AIB Finance and Leasing


AIB F&L had a large volume of finance and leasing related paper and electronic customer documents to manage. AIB F&L needed a solution to reduce the costs spent on the administration of files, while also providing a way to store and access files quickly and easily. Off-site storage was a priority to ensure a secure archival of files and to reduce the storage space needed in AIB F&L’s headquarters.


AIB F&L deployed SoftCo ECM to capture, process, index, and securely store the high volume of finance & leasing related documents. The capture indexing and quality assurance is provided by SoftCo Outsource and electronically archived in the SoftCo ECM compliant archive for subsequent retrieval. Integration with the AIB F&L’s customer accounts package facilitates swift retrieval of relevant files.


Instant access to customer information has ensured immediate response to queries that previously took in excess of 24 hours. AIB F&L has benefited from the reduction in administrative tasks, which has led to hours in saved time and improved internal processes. All files are integrated with the existing accounts application for immediate retrieval and stored in the SoftCo ECM compliant archive.