Over one million users from hundreds of organizations have found success with SoftCo

Reduced the time it takes to process supplier invoices by 50%.

100% visibility of all invoices from either within the ERP system or SoftCo.

"The benefits we've seen since we started working with SoftCo means we've got a strong return on our investment."
Philip Adams, Head of Group IT, Mercury Engineering


Following a major deployment of SAP ERP, Mercury was handling up to 40,000 supplier invoices through a manual process involving label writing and CD scanning by a third party. Locating documents was time-consuming and a lack of integration between SAP and accounts payable meant the company was not maximizing its investment in SAP.


Following the implementation of the SoftCo AP Automation (AP) solution, Mercury captures, automatically routes, archives, and retrieves all invoices in its finance function. Full integration between SoftCo AP and SAP has enabled effective capture and visibility of all invoices from either within SAP or SoftCo AP, reducing by 50% the time it takes to process supplier invoices.


Mercury has seen its supplier invoice processing time cut by 50% since deploying SoftCo AP. Employees make a more accurate assessment of total liabilities, and the company is more efficient and responsive at providing information back to the business. SoftCo has provided Mercury with a strong return on its investment in SAP and in SoftCo AP.