Over one million users from hundreds of organizations have found success with SoftCo

Reduced the processing time of each charity care case from 45 to 20 minutes.

Audit documentation reduced by 80%.

"With the SoftCo system, we've increased reimbursements and we've reduced costs - and that's good for our bottom line."
James Bowden, Director - Patient Financial Services, Saint Peter's University Hospital


Saint Peter’s AR team were managing a complex series of back-and-forth manual paper interactions with a host of insurers. It had no centralized view of insurance company remittance forms or of financial documents throughout the entire AR process which was causing revenue cycle problems. In addition, its charity care application process was manual and time-consuming and required automation.


SoftCo provided Saint Peter's with SoftCo AR solutions to streamline the management of its patients’ financial information, secure prompt payment for patient services, cut charity care processing times by 50%, save on storage costs, and improve its bottom line. Patient financial information is scanned once received and is instantly available to relevant employees. SoftCo Remit automates remittance processing and the communication with insurance companies. The system also supports online processing of charity care applications.


SoftCo AR has enabled efficient cost recovery at Saint Peter's, improved cash flow, and reduced the processing time of each charity care case from 45 to 20 minutes. It has also reduced the production of Saint Peter's quarterly audit documentation by 80% and eliminated thousands of dollars of expensive storage.