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08 Oct 2020

4 CFO Priorities for 2021

The Covid-19 pandemic continues to cause global economic disparity and uncertainty, making it difficult to predict what lies ahead for the global economy. However, many lessons have also been learned this year, presenting opportunities for CFOs in 2021.

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27 Mar 2020

Crisis Management: The Top 5 Business Priorities for Finance Leaders During Covid-19

Are all eyes on crisis management during these unprecedented times? Here are the top five priorities to focus on, to help you through Covid-19

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11 May 2019

5 Ways CPO and CFO Relations Can Fuel Strategic Procurement

In many ways, the most important working relationship in an organization is that of the CPO and CFO. Many of their priorities and responsibilities overlap, and so opportunities exist for collaboration on aligning organizational and procurement strategies.

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16 Feb 2019

Four Crucial Relationships for Successful CFOs

The role of the CFO is constantly evolving and it has been for decades. The position has become more complex and the board’s demands are increasing. They want live insights into how the business is performing and recommendations based on data and trends.

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01 Feb 2019

Essential Skills of the Modern CFO

The role of the CFO is constantly evolving. The most drastic transformation has occurred within the past 15 years: the introduction of the cloud, big data and digital currencies have contributed to a new era of financial management, processes and technologies.

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