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09 May 2023

How to Reduce Costs with Procurement Spend Analysis

Economic uncertainty continues to generate cost consciousness globally, with few signs of abating. CFOs are pressuring procurement teams to step up.

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29 Jul 2022

Detecting and Preventing Invoice Fraud in your Organization

All organizations, regardless of size are susceptible to invoice fraud. Significant increases in the number of people working remotely has lead to reduced visibility and control over AP processes and subsequent increases in fraudulent activity.

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22 Jul 2022

Cash Flow Management: How Your Procure-to-Pay Process Can Help

Cash flow management should be treated as a major priority by organizations of all sizes, given how accurate an indicator it can be of a business’ long-term financial health.

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06 May 2022

How to Set Up an Effective Automated Invoice Approval Workflow

Traditionally, accounts payable processes have tended to be somewhat disorganized and inefficient, with several manual elements involved. This causes many issues for AP teams, with a disjointed invoice approval workflow a major contributing factor.

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28 Mar 2022

3 Step Process for Vendor Compliance

Vendor relationship management is vitally important to every organization. If managed correctly, vendors can have a significant positive impact on company growth.

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02 Mar 2022

4 Questions to ask Procure-to-Pay Solution Providers

Part of shopping around for a solution will involve a demo taking place at your company. This affords an opportunity to ask the important questions that will help you find the solution that truly meets your organization's requirements.

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14 Feb 2022

The 5 stages of P2P Automation

As CFOs are pressured to drive cost and time savings, many are looking to modernize their Procure-to-Pay (P2P) processes.

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08 Feb 2022

Building a Business Case for Procure-to-Pay Automation

When you’re building the business case for automating your procure-to-pay business process, use these ten points to demonstrate return on investment (ROI) and win management support.

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03 Feb 2022

4 Tips for Effectively Managing Working Capital

Working Capital management is particularly important since it is an accurate barometer for assessing the long-term financial health of a business and ensures that adequate cash flow is always maintained to meet its short-term commitments.

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09 Apr 2021

6 Instant Benefits of Automating your Procurement Process

Making procurement more efficient was about steady progress over a number of years. Covid and widespread supply-chain interruption changed all that. Now, automating supply processes as rapidly as possible has forced itself to the top of corporate agendas.

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05 Mar 2021

The Importance of Strategic Procurement for your Organization

Setting the appropriate procurement strategy is the first step on the road to improved control and effectiveness of sourcing goods and services. Automating the strategy results in better matching to the objectives of the business.

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27 Mar 2020

Crisis Management: The Top 5 Business Priorities for Finance Leaders During Covid-19

Are all eyes on crisis management during these unprecedented times? Here are the top five priorities to focus on, to help you through Covid-19

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06 Feb 2020

P2P Automation: 5 Steps Every CFO Should Know

Want to know the 5 steps to P2P automation and why companies are modernizing their process? Read the blog now.

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30 Oct 2019

The Importance of Contract Visibility in your Procurement Process

One of the keys to an effective agreement management process — and impactful procurement — lies in maintaining contract visibility. In this blog, we discuss why visibility is so critical to your mission and how automated solutions can help you achieve it.

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29 Oct 2019

9 Strategies for Successful Vendor Onboarding

The foundations for your business relationships with suppliers are established during the supplier onboarding process. Certain strategies should be adopted to establish amicable and successful business relations with suppliers during the onboarding process.

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27 Jul 2019

Two’s Company, Three’s a Crowd: When is 2-Way Matching a Better Option?

2-way matching is essentially a simplified version of 3-way matching. Ultimately, deciding to use a 2-way matching system is simply a matter of your company’s needs. When weighing your options, look at the types of goods or services you need.

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30 Jun 2019

5 Reasons Why Your Procure-to-Pay Software Implementation Will Fail

Understanding not just how the implementation of procure-to-pay software can succeed but why it can sometimes fail can go a long way towards avoiding some of the most common pitfalls that companies often encounter.

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17 Jun 2019

Procure-to-Pay Automation: Why Getting Others to Embrace it can be the Biggest Challenge

Getting your workforce to embrace change can often be one of the biggest barriers to procure-to-pay automation. Fear of change, however, can often be brought on by a lack of knowledge. Educate your employees and present the opportunities that it can bring.

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26 May 2019

Improving Your First Time Match Rate in Procure-to-Pay

Having a high first time match rate is an essential key performance indicator for accounts payable teams. It is important that organizations assess their current invoice matching process and look to optimize it wherever possible.

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26 Feb 2019

5 Steps to Bring Supplier Relationships into the Digital Age

Procurement and accounts payable departments are in the midst a digital transformation. Time-consuming and manual processes are being automated.

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05 Jan 2019

Embracing Mobile: A Game-Changer for Finance

Going mobile for finance activities is a growing phenomenon. As of 2016, over half of all smartphone owners with a bank account used mobile banking at some stage during the previous 12 months.

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