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P2P Automation for Microsoft Dynamics AX

ERP systems enable companies to operate more efficiently. But even the most advanced ERPs have limitations that impact day-to-day operations. This paper explains how organizations can use third party P2P solutions to optimize their investment in AX and presents results that companies have achieved including 100% visibility over finance.

Automating Accounts Payable for Retail

Traditional methods of managing the AP process result in high costs, long processing times, and slow supply chains. The white paper details how automation can resolve the significant challenges of manual AP processes and provides examples of how organizations have automated their AP process and achieved remarkable results, including 86% increased productivity.

Procure-to-Pay Transformation for CFOs

For many companies, the P2P process is still primarily manual and paper-based. When the volume of invoices increases for example, these manual procedures begin to struggle and show their limitations. This white paper explains the details behind transforming this paper-based process which leads to considerable results, such as a 300% improvement in invoice processing times.

P2P Automation for Dynamics NAV

Using P2P functionalities in NAV can be costly due to the need to custom develop complex rules. This white paper details how organizations can deploy third party P2P solutions to leverage their NAV investment, outlines integration methods, and presents results that companies have achieved including 80% cost reductions.

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