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Compliant Archive

What is a Compliant Archive?

A Compliant Archive is a solution that incorporates the secure storage, fast retrieval, and full lifecycle management of important business documents.

Such a solution is used to store documents in accordance with the obligations imposed by different compliance acts like FINRA, FOIA, or the Sarbanes-Oxley Act.

A compliant archive allows companies to capture and store documents, making it easy to retrieve them on the go. It’s often difficult to sift through piles of documents to find the right one. 

With a compliant document archive, all paper, PDF, and electronic documentation can be captured and stored in one location. Companies can index documents thanks to content-addressable storage. 

This makes retrieval incredibly easy, as users can just search through the archive using specific keywords. Compliant archive solutions are designed to comply with regulatory requirements, and use encryption and digital fingerprinting to ensure the authenticity of original documents.

Regulatory Requirements

Most companies have a legal obligation to maintain a document archive. This doesn’t just include sensitive documentation, but companies are also required to maintain records of internal communications. 

For instance, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), and the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) require companies to archive all types of communications and data that financial firms use. 

Furthermore, the SEC also clarifies that archived data, including inter-employee communications, and website content, must be time-stamped and should be easily accessible. 

SEC Rule 17a-4(b) and FINRA Regulatory Notices also require companies to archive all marketing information, in its original format. 

Companies in other industries also use archiving solutions to ensure that all documents are stored in a central location should they need to be accessed, especially for audits or in case of litigation. 

Benefits of Using a Compliant Archive 

There are several benefits of using a compliant document archive solution for companies, some of which are highlighted below.

Centralized Document Storage

A compliant archive solution makes it easy for companies to store all important documents in one place. The compliant archive can be accessed from any device by authorized users.

Document Authenticity

The authenticity of original documents stored within the archive can be confirmed using Digital Fingerprint technology. This ensures a full audit trail of all original documents stored within.

Instant Retrieval

Arguably one of the biggest advantages of compliant document archive solutions is that they allow users to instantly retrieve documents thanks to its content-addressable storage system. 

Users can index and classify documents, making them instantly accessible through live search. This makes it easy for users to find relevant documents when needed.

Robust Security

Compliant document archive solutions allow administrators to define access controls, including multi-factor authentication, making sure that only authorized individuals are allowed to access the archive. 

More importantly, all documents stored within the archive are encrypted, ensuring data integrity and preventing any external threats.

Regulatory Compliance

As mentioned above, documents must be archived in a specific format. Maintaining regulatory compliance is important for companies when storing business documents. 

Compliant document archive solutions allow companies to meet their compliance obligations, including AML, GDPR, or those set by other regulatory authorities. 

Use SoftCo’s Compliant Archive to Manage all Important Documents

SoftCo Compliant Archive is the ideal document management solution that offers document capture, secure storage, and fast retrieval for companies. It’s SÄHKE2 certified, and uses Content Addressable Storage to ensure that all archived data meets important regulatory requirements such as AML and GDPR.