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SoftCo recognized by Enterprise Ireland as global tech leader

SoftCo has been recognized by Enterprise Ireland for its contributions to the global tech industry.

In celebration, Enterprise Ireland released a video detailing how SoftCo allows Primark to “stay at the cutting edge” with our Smart Automated Solutions.

The clip highlights the innovation delivered to global brands by Irish companies.

SoftCo provides automated solutions to companies around the world, including the likes of Sunny D, Argos and Logitech.

Enterprise Ireland further detailed how SoftCo’s P2P platform enabled incredible cost-saving results for Primark.

SoftCo’s solution gave Primark complete visibility and control over their Procure-to-Pay process, resulting in reduced manual workload for their employees and a redefined data-entry management strategy.

The video marks St Patrick’s Day and aims to showcase the Irish Advantage that Ireland has to offer, by being one of the largest and most spirited tech hubs in Europe.


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