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28 Feb 2022

Why Procurement and Accounts Payable Alignment Is More Important Than Ever

Batman and Robin, peanut butter and jelly, Tom and Jerry, Bert and Ernie. These are some famous pairings in recent memory. However, some people may not realize that Procurement and Accounts Payable (AP) can be just as effective a pairing.

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20 May 2021

Achieving Compliance and Reducing Risk with Accounts Payable Automation

With AP responsible for processing invoices, ensuring payments are made on time and managing vendor relationships, the department has a direct impact on an organization’s ability to reduce costs and ensure compliance obligations are met.

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27 Mar 2020

Crisis Management: The Top 5 Business Priorities for Finance Leaders During Covid-19

Are all eyes on crisis management during these unprecedented times? Here are the top five priorities to focus on, to help you through Covid-19

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05 Mar 2020

Covid 19: Why Aligning Procurement and Accounts Payable is Now a Necessity

By pairing Procurement and Accounts Payable, you unlock significant benefits. Learn the top five benefits and how to create ample communication and clear goals for the two departments

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20 Feb 2020

5 Tips for Working Capital in 2020

Working Capital is finally on the rise. Read the blog to discover five top tips on how to make the most of your Working Capital in 2020

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26 May 2019

Improving Your First Time Match Rate in Procure-to-Pay

Having a high first time match rate is an essential key performance indicator for accounts payable teams. It is important that organizations assess their current invoice matching process and look to optimize it wherever possible.

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