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Over 1 million users have found success with SoftCo

33 Years

Our proven solutions are based on 33 years’ specialized knowledge in automating financial processes.

1 Million Users

SoftCo are a global organization with 1 million business users worldwide across all industry sectors.

90% STP Rate

Our smart matching technology addresses even the most complex scenarios. The result is 90% STP for PO invoices.

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89% Faster
Non-PO Processing

With SoftCo Smart Coding, Smart Routing and AutoML technology, experience a increase in speed of non-PO invoice processing.

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Highest Industry
NPS Score

We understand our customers issues and solve their problems with our unique consultative approach.


SoftCo SmartConnect seamlessly integrates with over 200 ERP’s including multiple industry specific and bespoke finance systems.

SoftCo is a global organization that specializes in delivering powerful and innovative financial process automation solutions. Our comprehensive suite of technologies enables organizations to increase productivity, reduce costs, and meet compliance obligations effectively. By automating key processes such as Procure-to-Pay, Accounts Payable, Payments, Vendor Management, and Contract Management, SoftCo ensures streamlined operations on a common platform. This allows our customers to seamlessly expand and grow within the SoftCo ecosystem.

With 1 million business users worldwide spanning across all industry sectors, SoftCo’s DNA lies in Procure-to-Pay expertise. We build our smart technology with this domain knowledge delivering fast, straight through and touchless processing. We are committed to understanding our customers’ unique business challenges and deliver solutions that go beyond their expectations. We are proud that all our projects are successful and that our market-leading technology provides our customers with the highest levels of Touchless Invoice processing resulting in the greatest cost savings.

SoftCo are a global leader in P2P and compliance solutions. With 33 years proven experience, the smartest technology and unique AutoML Machine Learning, SoftCo delivers unrivalled savings and the highest independent customer satisfaction rankings. The outcome is 89% cost savings and an industry leading Straight Through Processing rate of 90%, delivering unrivalled savings. We prove the power of our matching engine via the Smart Matching challenge against our competitors, using the customers own documents at short notice.

SoftCo projects succeed because of a wealth of expertise, the best matching technology in the market and the flexibility and configurability of our software, which integrates seamlessly with any ERP system.

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SoftCo achieves 90% STP rates.

By delivering 90% straight through
processing, SoftCo’s customers experience
the highest return on investment.

SoftCo’s Smart Automation solutions are built on a next generation multi-instance cloud platform, on both Azure and AWS (Leaders in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Cloud Infrastructure), providing the highest independently certified data security rating. There is no co-mingling of data, which is stored in a separate dedicated database for each customer, ensuring faster response times and better performance with less competition for resources. SoftCo’s DevOps processes are customer centric and deliver continuous improvements into production as part the SaaS service cost. Most importantly the customer controls when it best suits them to update.

SoftCo delivers a simplified user experience across all devices, requiring minimal on-boarding and training, leading to increased user adoption. Using the SoftCo Smart Configurator the functional modules are intelligently adapted to meet customer unique needs without any coding. The result is an accelerated implementation timetable for an Enterprise solution that is superior in the marketplace. SoftCo integrates with over 200 ERP systems and enables real-time analytics and accurate reporting for better decision-making.

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“In my 45+ years in the workplace, the SoftCo project
is the best implementation experience I’ve had.”

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