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Full visibility and control over all spend

SoftCo eProcurement software ensures a quick and efficient purchasing process for all operational spend, in full compliance with your organization’s procurement policies. SoftCo eProcurement seamlessly integrates Catalog and Spend Management, Requisition and Approval Workflow, Purchase Order and Contract Management. SoftCo eProcurement software simplifies recurring spend and provides insights through real-time analytics and dashboards. 


Organizations typically manage three different types of spend – capital spend, recurring spend and operational spend. SoftCo eProcurement software streamlines each of these spend categories.

Vendor catalogs and shopping lists are maintained, and the powerful vendor punch-out functionality allows the selection of products directly from your vendors’ website and population directly back into your SoftCo shopping cart. Requisition templates create re-usable shopping lists for continuous use.

SoftCo eProcurement software pre-approved spend functionality allows seamless drawdown on pre-approved/capital budgets for projects with agreed preferred vendors. For recurring spend such as subscriptions, leasing, rent and utilities, SoftCo eProcurement provides a contract PO to all vendors referencing the agreed installment or payment plan as per the agreed contract/subscription.

User Friendly

Full Control
& Visibility

70% Less Supplier

Benefits of SoftCo eProcurement

Intuitive eProcurement Catalog

Transform purchasing via an intuitive catalog and Supplier punch-out from selected suppliers.

Accelerated Requisition Approval Workflow

Accelerate the procurement and approval process with automated PO’s and email sign-off, even on-the-go.

Seamless Management of Regular Spend

Convert requisitions for regular purchases into re-usable shopping lists.

Complete Visibility and Control

Manage SoftCo and ERP generated orders in one place.

Simplified Contract Management and Pre-Approved Spend

Seamless automation of agreed contracts and pre-approved budgets for spend with preferred suppliers.

Powerful Real-time Reporting & AI Analytics

Powerful dashboards reduce costs, manage risk and evaluate Supplier performance.

“Rather than just technically describe an issue, SoftCo knew what functional problems we had, and their business comprehension was impressive. That really made SoftCo stand out.”

Craig Eten, Sunny Delight Beverages Co.

Transform, accelerate, and control your procurement process with an intuitive “Amazon-like” purchasing experience, re-usable requisition templates and pre-approved spend functionality, all with preferred vendors. 


eProcurement Catalog
SoftCo eProcurement software presents an intuitive ‘Amazon-like’ catalog experience, complete with pre-loaded items to purchase from preferred vendors.

Vendor Punch-Out
Powerful ‘punch-out’ functionality within eProcurement catalogs enables seamless selection of products from preferred vendors’ websites that populates directly back into your SoftCo shopping cart for approval.

Requisition Templates
SoftCo’s eProcurement software converts your requisitions for regular purchases into re-usable shopping lists, for quick re-ordering when needed. Multi-row requisitions are imported via spreadsheet with a single click.

Contract PO’s
SoftCo eProcurement provides a contract PO to all of your vendors, referencing the agreed installment or payment plan as per the agreed contract or subscription.

Pre-Approved Spend
SoftCo’s eProcurement software enables a seamless drawdown on pre-approved budgets and the generation of purchase orders for spend with your preferred vendors, without delay. Department budgets are not exceeded and spend with your vendors is controlled.

Accelerate your order and approval process through one-click email approval from any device and automated PO creation.


Approval Process
Default approval routes are assigned to requisitions based on defined rules and templates. Each approver receives a notification for signoff.

Email Approval
SoftCo eProcurement software accelerates your requisition approval process through the availability of one-click email approval, from any device, for all your business users.

Automated PO Creation
SoftCo eProcurement software automatically generates purchase orders and routes them to your preferred vendor, once the requisition has been approved. Customized purchase orders are built to reflect your organization’s unique branding.

Manage and control your SoftCo and ERP generated orders and confirm receipting, all in one place


SoftCo eProcurement software provides visibility and control over all PO’s within your organization, including orders generated within your ERP system.

PO Vendor Notification
Vendors are instantly notified when you submit a purchase order, both through their SoftCo vendor portal and via automatic email.

Vendor Order Confirmation
SoftCo eProcurement software provides visibility over the status of your purchase orders allowing your vendors to confirm acceptance of your orders through their SoftCo Vendor portal.

Once you have received delivery of orders from your vendor, SoftCo’s eProcurement software confirms delivery by ‘Goods Receipting’ them directly within the solution.

Gain visibility and insights into your organizational spend to unlock opportunities to reduce costs, manage risk and evaluate vendor performance.


View Spend Categories
SoftCo eProcurement software delivers a range of intuitive real-time analytics and reporting dashboards, presenting key spend metrics including your spend vs budgets, location or vendor.

Optimize Spend
Dashboards unlock opportunities to reduce costs, manage risk, evaluate vendor performance, and optimize your buying power. Through evaluating your vendors’ performance, you can consolidate your vendor spend by identifying those with preferential pricing that deliver cost savings and a clear return on investment.

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