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Learn about financial process transformation and best practices from industry experts

Learn about financial process transformation and best practices from industry experts 1

White Papers

ECM Paper Cover

Simplify Governance, Risk & Compliance with ECM

With the increasing number of regulations and mandatory internal and external audits, keeping the necessary documents organized is more important than ever. This white paper summarizes the challenges of managing data and documents in a modern organization, the key features of leading ECM systems, and the benefits that ECM provides, including 100% control and visibility throughout entire document lifecycles.

10 Paper Cover


SoftCo10 is the new, innovative alternative to cumbersome business systems. It is an extremely flexible platform, allowing complete solutions to be easily configured and delivered in a single system with a consumer-type user experience. This paper explains the highlights of SoftCo10 and what this new platform means for finance leaders, including remarkable benefits: 80% cost reductions and 100% visibility and control.

Hospital AP Paper Cover

The CFO Guide to Optimizing Hospital AP

Business processes in the healthcare industry often involve more complexity and risk than in other sectors and requires a great deal of accuracy in order to keep sensitive information secure and costs down. This white paper serves as a guide on the drivers for implementing AP automation and the value it adds to the hospital supply chain, ensuring tangible results including 86% increase in productivity.

SAP Paper Cover

The Definitive Procure-to-Pay Solution for SAP Environments

Certain P2P tasks, including approval and invoice processing can be performed using the SAP P2P module, but many companies choose not to deploy the module and look to third-party solutions instead. This paper focuses on the drive for implementing SoftCo P2P with SAP and the benefits that organizations have achieved such as 86% increase in productivity.


The CFO Guide to Finance Centralization & Automation

Centralizing finance is an effective solution for reducing overheads and obtaining a clear view over the whole organization for enhanced reporting. This white paper outlines how to achieve standardization and reduce labor costs by up to 80% while overcoming the most common challenges of internally centralizing finance.


Automating AP for Retail

Traditional methods of managing the AP process result in high costs, long processing times, and slow supply chains. The white paper details how automation can resolve the significant challenges of manual AP processes and provides examples of how organizations have automated their AP process and achieved remarkable results, including 86% increased productivity.


P2P Automation for Microsoft Dynamics AX

ERP systems enable companies to operate more efficiently. But even the most advanced ERPs have limitations that impact day-to-day operations. This paper explains how organizations can use third party P2P solutions to optimize their investment in AX and presents results that companies have achieved including 100% visibility over finance.


P2P for Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Using P2P functionalities in NAV can be costly due to the need to custom develop complex rules. This white paper details how organizations can deploy third party P2P solutions to leverage their NAV investment, outlines integration methods, and presents results that companies have achieved including 80% cost reductions.


P2P Transformation for CFOs

For many companies, the P2P process is still primarily manual and paper-based. When the volume of invoices increases for example, these manual procedures begin to struggle and show their limitations. This white paper explains the details behind transforming this paper-based process which leads to considerable results, such as a 300% improvement in invoice processing times.



Automating Accounts Payable for Retail

To compete with other organizations, leading retailers implement AP automation software and streamline their back office functions. This webinar is based on SoftCo’s white paper which finds that manual AP processes result in high costs, long processing times, and slow supply chains. It provides a demonstration of how AP automation works in retail, and delivers up to 80% cost savings.


Delivering Transparency in Hospital Finance with AP Automation

Hospital AP processes are often highly-manual and inconsistent, resulting in low productivity, incomplete or unreliable information, and deficient reporting. Pamela Gallagher, a CFO with over 20 years’ experience, together with SoftCo demonstrate how AP automation delivers 100% transparency for informed financial reporting.

Cut Costs IMG

Cut Costs by Centralizing & Automating Finance

Leading research shows that the centralization and automation of finance delivers significant benefits including immediate cost savings, the elimination of duplicated tasks, and improved visibility. This webinar demonstrates how standardization and automation can be achieved while overcoming the challenges of change management.





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