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Maximizing the ROI of P2P Automation

This whitepaper, written in partnership with Levvel Research, will offer guidance for organizations that are looking to transform their P2P by delineating the soft and hard costs of manual methods and discussing the possible ROI from automation. It will also present steps for securing buy-in for a solution and a roadmap for those on their P2P implementation and optimization journey.

7 Strategies to Enhance Vendor Management

Organizations are beginning to realize the importance of vendor management, with it amongst the top procurement initiatives for 2021. Those that have already prioritized vendor management, are experiencing a number of improvements in areas that include supply chain efficiency, vendor relations, compliance, and risk reduction. 

6 Procure-to-Pay Strategies to Boost Working Capital

AP and Procurement teams that have already optimized their P2P strategies are experiencing a number of improvements to their working capital performance, including greater liquidity, increased profits and improved operational efficiencies. This eBook focuses on the benefits of positive working capital and the P2P strategies for achieving the correct level.

How RPA is Transforming Invoice Processing

53% of organizations have already started their Robotic Process Automation (RPA) journey. AP and finance teams that are already leveraging RPA are experiencing powerful benefits across a number of dimensions including reduced costs, improved compliance, quality/accuracy, and productivity.


SoftCo ExpressAP - Solving Accounts Payable Issues When Working Remotely

In this 30 minute webinar, SoftCo VP North America, Adam McDonagh, discusses some of the most common challenges and risks associated with remote working and explains how our new solution, SoftCo ExpressAP addresses these risks.

Contract Management: Compliance, Lifecycle & Invoice Management

As part of the SoftCo “Controlling Costs” series, join experts Killian McCarthy and Garret Pearse for our first webinar which tackles the subject of managing contracts, their lifecycle, status, archival, and workflow to ensure renewal dates are not missed. 

Getting Control & Efficiencies on Indirect Spend

Procurement expert Garret Pearse of SoftCo discusses and demonstrates how world-class organizations are using Procurement to minimize costs of AP by managing spend and contracts within their organization.

Onboard, Manage, and Optimize Suppliers to Control Spend

Supplier Management experts Garret Pearse and Killian McCarthy share best-in-class strategies to onboard and manage your suppliers. This webinar is designed to show Finance, Procurement, and Accounts Payable leaders how world-class organizations are reducing external and internal risk while ensuring compliance.

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