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Invoice Processing Analytics

What is Invoice Processing Analytics?

Invoice processing analytics are key metrics and details that help companies identify how invoice processes are performing, as well as areas of improvement. It often falls under the umbrella of business intelligence and lets companies review key processes.

Reviewing invoice processing analytics is important for companies as it allows them to identify overpayments and to understand basic invoice processing performance.

Types of Overpayments

Generally, invoice processing analytics can help companies identify the following types of overpayments.

1. Overpayments for Returned Goods

If goods were found to be defective and returned, the company is not liable to pay for them. However, in some cases, they may end up clearing invoices for rejected goods from the warehouse. If the vendor fails to credit the buyer, it’s regarded as an overpayment.

2. Duplicate Payments

This generally happens when a payment isn’t cleared on time and the vendor reissues the invoice. Ultimately, the company ends up paying both when the duplicate invoice is re-entered into the system. 

3. Fraudulent Payments 

Invoice fraud is very common, and many companies succumb to it. The company is sent an invoice that seems valid, but the payment details are different. A fraudster, pretending to be from the vendor’s organization, claims that they have recently changed these details, and requests payment quickly. 

If these instructions are not verified, the company could end up paying the invoice, resulting in fraudulent payments. The best way to mitigate fraudulent payments is to employ invoice matching and automate invoice processing.

Common Invoice Processing Analytics

Commonly used invoice processing analytics include:

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