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Critical Healthcare choose SoftCo ExpressAP

SoftCo is delighted to announce that Critical Healthcare Ltd has joined the growing number of organizations choosing SoftCo ExpressAP to automate their Accounts Payable Process.

SoftCo ExpressAP is the new accounts payable automation solution which delivers 100% non-touch invoice processing, supports remote working, and reduces operational costs by 80%. Uniquely, SoftCo ExpressAP is installed in a matter of hours, with no upfront costs and comes with an unlimited number of users.

Critical Healthcare will be using ExpressAP to automate the processing of their invoices including capture, registration, coding, approval, query, reporting, and file export to Exchequer, their ERP system.

Headquartered in Co. Offaly, Ireland, Critical Healthcare is a leading provider of frontline medical and healthcare products. An approved HSE and NHS supplier, Critical Healthcare works with emergency service providers across Ireland, UK, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, France, Spain, and Poland, ensuring that healthcare professionals have all of the essential medical products they require to diagnose, resuscitate and rehabilitate a patient. Critical Healthcare are also a key government supplier of the PPE and infection control items that have now become commonplace.


“We are delighted to be working with SoftCo to transform our accounts payable process. Critical Healthcare is expanding rapidly with operations across eight countries internationally. The reason we have chosen SoftCo ExpressAP is because it will streamline our Accounts Payable function while giving us more visibility and control over our spend.”

Dr. Anne Cusack, CEO, Critical Healthcare


About SoftCo

SoftCo delivers Smart Automation solutions that empower organizations to automate their procurement, invoice processing, and payment processes. SoftCo ExpressAP is built on the same powerful infrastructure as SoftCo’s enterprise solutions which are trusted by over 1 million users globally in leading organizations such as the Finnish Government, Primark, SunnyD, and Volkswagen.

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