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SoftCo Email Approval removes authorization bottlenecks

SoftCo is delighted to announce a powerful, unique feature that enables business approvers who are required to provide their sign-off at various stages of the procurement, accounts payable, and account receivable processes to do so in one click from within their email client. SoftCo Email Approval is a game-changer for organizations who struggle to get sign-off in a timely manner from senior business approvers on purchase requisitions and invoices and, as a result, experience longer payment cycle times and miss early payment discounts.

Where most systems will send an email notification when approval is required, the approver must then login to the system in order to take further action, and infrequent users can often be unfamiliar with the interface or have forgotten their password. With SoftCo Email Approval, the user is presented with all of the background information needed to approve and an intuitive one-click approval option without ever leaving the email.

“Email approval is a simple concept but it makes a massive difference when it comes to expediting the purchase requisition and invoice approval process. AP professionals in particular know the pain of approvers sitting on invoices endlessly. Providing the ability to approve quickly and easily from any device is a game changer.”

Killian McCarthy, Senior Consultant, SoftCo

SoftCo Email Approval is delivered on SoftCo10, the revolutionary finance automation platform which automates key financial processes that previously would have required multiple systems and multiple suppliers. The platform enables powerful P2P, AP, AR, supplier management, and financial reporting solutions with a common, simple, and intuitive user interface and fully integrated with a wide range of ERPs and finance applications.

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