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Over 1 million users have found success with SoftCo

Logitech have achieved straight-through processing of 83% of all vendor invoices and significant time and costs have been saved.

SoftCo is transforming Finnish Government procurement to a ‘best in class’ electronic ordering and invoice processing system.

Crown Agents Bank dramatically reduced the time & cost of manual invoice processing with Auto-match saves hundreds of hours.

“SoftCo Procure-to-Pay has delivered a return on investment within
one year and has played a role in enabling us to achieve our aggressive
global expansion plans.

Jonathan Rockett, Chief Financial Officer, Ding

Sample Customers

Hear what our customers say

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“SoftCo enabled us to quickly gain control over our AP process after switching to remote working.”
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“Rather than just technically describe an issue, SoftCo knew the functional problems we had.”
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“We chose SoftCo to address our P2P requirements because of their proven expertise.”
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“SoftCo has fulfilled everything that we were looking for, and more.”
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“With SoftCo we have a system capable of fully managing our document lifecycles.”
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“We have implemented a project that has progressed as planned and within the planned budget.”
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“SoftCo Procure-to-Pay has delivered a ROI within one year, helping in our global expansion.”
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“With SoftCo, we’ve increased reimbursements & reduced costs. That’s good for our bottom line.”
cc group plc
“Because staff act faster, we can pay suppliers faster and have better relationships with them.”
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“SoftCoAP has delivered us direct savings, giving a lot more confidence in our year-end.”
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“SoftCoP2P has allowed us to reduce invoice processing times by 70%, reducing costs and time.”
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“SoftCo allows us to bring a more compelling proposition to our clients.”
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“SoftCo has created a frictionless process, saving considerable time & effort.”
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“SoftCo has transformed the authorization time from 3 or 4 weeks down to 3 or 4 days.”
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“Our goal is to reach 90% automation with the procurement & invoice handling.”
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“We chose SoftCo because of their expertise in procure-to-pay and their prior experience.”
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“The SoftCo AP system has been faultless, reducing our invoice query times by 75%.”

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