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UK Regulator renews focus on financial reporting

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As businesses across the UK continue to consider the impact on Brexit, the Financial Reporting Council (FRC) today released its draft Plan and Budget for 2017/18 which calls for a renewed focus on ensuring high standards of corporate governance and financial reporting. The regulator’s key focus in the coming years will be on the promotion and enforcement of clear and concise reporting, justifiable confidence in audit, and high quality actuarial work.

With a greater emphasis on accurate reporting, Garret Pearse, a Senior Consultant at SoftCo, is hosting a webinar to offer practical advice on how finance managers can achieve a best practice, compliant reporting process.  The release of the plan comes at a time of year when the ability to produce good quality, accurate reports is front of mind for finance professionals who are deep in the year-end process. For many, the extensive use of spreadsheets and manual touchpoints throughout their finance processes, particularly in accounts payable (AP), make it almost impossible to achieve a consolidated view of their finances.

An industry expert with 20 years’ experience in enhancing AP processes, Garrett Pearse is uniquely positioned to advise on what changes can be made to transform the AP function. His webinar entitled ‘5 New Year’s Resolutions for Accounts Payable’ will take place on Wednesday, 18 January at 3pm (GMT) and will highlight key new approaches such as creating a single, automated dashboard of your AP metrics, putting compliant supplier management processes in place, and removing unnecessary manual touchpoints from the AP process.


“The ability to generate accurate, real-time reports and gain greater key visibility over spend is often the primary motivation for AP transformation projects. This information is not only required for audit purposes but senior management are increasingly demanding accurate data to inform their strategic decisions.”

Garret Pearse, Senior Consultant, SoftCo



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