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The Rise of Surcharges & How to Manage Them

Unanticipated/additional freight charges, environmental charges, overnight charges, COVID surcharges or fuel surcharges. The number of different types of surcharges is increasing, but so too is the frequency, and therefore the $ amount.

When it comes to capturing, matching, and distributing these different surcharges it becomes a real headache for AP teams especially in manual environments.

During this webinar Brian Bertges and Garret Pearse discuss the different types of surcharges and how SoftCoAP simplifies and accelerates the process of capturing and accounting for them, to ensure accuracy over the true costs of goods and materials.

During this 30-minute webinar you will learn: 

  • The top AP challenges in processing surcharges
  • How to prepare your team to handle surcharges
  • How automation can simplify and accelerate the processing of these charges

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