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Securely and efficiently manage all organization data

SoftCo Compliant Archive provides a Compliant Document Management solution incorporating document capture, secure storage, fast retrieval, and full lifecycle management. The solution is SÄHKE2 certified and incorporates Content Addressable Storage (CAS) and Digital Fingerprint technology ensuring all content meets regulatory compliance obligations such as GDPR and AML.


SoftCo Compliant Archive provides intelligent storage and powerful search tools for vast quantities of multiple document types (paper, email, PDF, XML, EDI etc.) stored securely with strict access control. It indexes and categorizes all documents at capture stage and the platform’s CAS technology ensures that they are instantly available on fast magnetic media while also meeting regulatory compliance obligations.

The Compliant Document Management solution provides full lifecycle management of all documents, from initial storage, to search and retrieval, auditing and reporting, through to the option to digitally ‘shred’ documents at the end of the defined lifecycle based on precise criteria.

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Benefits of SoftCo Compliant Archive

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Precise secure Data Capture

Capture and storage of all paper, PDF, and electronic documents in one secure location.

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Original Document Authenticity

Authenticity and full audit trail of original documents via Digital Fingerprint technology.

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Instant search and retrieval 

Compliant fast search and retrieval with Content Addressable Storage technology.

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Full Lifecycle Management

Comprehensive lifecycle management from storage, to retrieval, auditing and intelligent archive.

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Enhanced Multi-layered Security 

Strict configurable access control and encryption security, to meet the stringent regulatory requirements.

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Compliant GDPR Retention and Digital Shredding

Configurable GDPR Retention Workflow based on retention criteria.

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“With SoftCo Compliant Archive we have a system capable of fully managing our document lifecycles, ensuring we always meet compliance obligations.“

Birgit Smith, Utmost Worldwide

Seamlessly and compliantly store, index and categorize all of your documents with SoftCo’s Content Addressable Storage capabilities, enabling instant search and retrieval. 


SoftCo Compliant Archive provides an ISO 27001 certified central repository for storing all documents across your organization, from HR documents to vendor contracts to TAX/VAT forms. The platform handles documents in a variety of formats including paper, email, PDF, XML and EDI proving a comprehensive Document Management solution.

Fast CAS Retrieval
SoftCo Compliant Archive’s Content Addressable Storage capabilities, built on a standard Microsoft infrastructure using fast magnetic media, ensure all of your documents are indexed and categorized at the time of capture, creating a compliant and flexible fast search and retrieval process.

Single Instance Storage
Powered by Single Instance Storage technology, SoftCo Compliant Archive prevents any duplicate files from being stored, which maximizes processing speeds and further enhances your search and retrieval process.

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Create a secure, intelligent archive with Encryption and Digital Fingerprint technology to meet the most rigorous regulatory requirements. 


The Document Management solution secures and protects your documents by restricting access and permissions. Your business users must enter unique login details in order to access the SoftCo Compliant Archive. Permissions are also restricted through PDF controls over editing, copying, saving and printing of documents. Encryption technology provides the option to comprehensively protect the archive to further meet the most stringent regulatory requirements.

Unique Digital Fingerprint
Unique Digital Fingerprint technology ensures the authenticity of original, unaltered documents and provides a full audit trail over the entire lifecycle. The audit trail gives full transparency over who, how, and when the information was captured, retrieved and processed. This functionality is vital for regulatory compliance and SoftCo Compliant Archive is SÄHKE2 certified. Comprehensive audit trails reduce the time required to prepare for both internal and external audits.

Compliantly manage all of your documents throughout their entire lifecycle from initial storage, to search and retrieval, auditing, contract renewals, reporting and intelligent digital shredding. 


Document Lifecycle Management
SoftCo Compliant Archive delivers fully automated lifecycle management for all of your documents, including vendor contracts, from initial storage, to search and retrieval, auditing and reporting, right through to renewal, in the case of contracts. Where documents have defined lifecycles, the solution incorporates intelligent digital shredding.

GDPR Retention Workflow
All information is stored in the SoftCo Compliant Archive in compliance with all regulatory requirements including SÄHKE2 and ISO 27001. With GDPR Retention Workflow, your documents are retained or removed from storage and digitally shredded. The workflow is configurable depending on retention dates, the purpose of keeping a document or the subject’s consent for keeping personal data. The system sets alerts for documents expiring beyond their retention policy.

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