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SoftCo’s P2P Software automates eProcurement, Accounts Payable, Vendor Management, Payments & Compliance. We achieve unrivaled savings via our Smart Technology and unique AutoML Machine Learning, which is applied across all our solutions.

SoftCo delivers 90% straight-through processing for PO invoices and 89% faster processing of Non-PO invoices. We rank highest in independent customer satisfaction surveys and in the top 100th percentile for Security.

Take our Smart Matching Challenge. Compare SoftCo versus other vendors with your own invoices and see why we lead the market.

See how we transform our customers’ P2P processes.

Why choose SoftCo?

SoftCo automates eProcurement, Accounts Payable, Payments,
Vendor Management, Anti-Fraud and Contract Compliance processes.

Highest Industry NPS Score
89% Cost Reduction
100% Visibility & Control
90% Touchless Processing
Super Smart Matching
Anti-Fraud Technology
Payment Cost Reduction
90% Faster Approvals

Over 1 million AP users globally

Industry-leading innovative AutoML Matching Engine

SoftCo AutoML Machine Learning

Utilizing millions of real data from Industry, Operations, Organizations, and Suppliers, the SoftCo AutoML Machine Learning engine ‘learns’ and improves based on 250+ match ‘patterns’ and applies this automation to SoftCo Smart Matching models, including tolerance, aggregation, and confidence match criteria. In addition, the coding and routing of invoices are also optimized by AutoML based on continuous learned patterns.

Machine Learning (ML) is a game-changer in automating both PO and Non-PO invoicing, with full transparency and auditability. Manual invoice processing can cost $16 per invoice, whereas high automation that is driven by AutoML reduces processing costs by over 90%.

The results are unrivaled, and the savings are exceptional. SoftCo delivers 90% straight through processing for PO invoices and 89% faster processing of Non-PO invoices.

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Hear what our customers say

“Rather than just technically describe an issue, SoftCo knew the functional problems we had.”
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“We chose SoftCo to address our P2P requirements because of their proven expertise.”
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“SoftCo’s Technology gives us enhanced capability to meet future growth in our business.”
grafton group plc
“SoftCo has fulfilled everything that we were looking for, and more.”
“With SoftCo we have a system capable of fully managing our document lifecycles.”
finnish government
“We have implemented a project that has progressed as planned and within the planned budget.”
“SoftCo Procure-to-Pay has delivered a ROI within one year, helping in our global expansion.”
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“With SoftCo, we’ve increased reimbursements & reduced costs. That’s good for our bottom line.”
c&c group plc
“Because staff act faster, we can pay suppliers faster and have better relationships with them.”
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“SoftCoAP has delivered us direct savings, giving a lot more confidence in our year-end.”
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“SoftCoP2P has allowed us to reduce invoice processing times by 70%, reducing costs and time.”
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“SoftCo allows us to bring a more compelling proposition to our clients.”
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“SoftCo has created a frictionless process, saving considerable time & effort.”
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“SoftCo has transformed the authorization time from 3 or 4 weeks down to 3 or 4 days.”
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“Our goal is to reach 90% automation with the procurement & invoice handling.”
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“We chose SoftCo because of their expertise in procure-to-pay and their prior experience.”
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“The SoftCo AP system has been faultless, reducing our invoice query times by 75%.”

Our ESG Vision

SoftCo is dedicated to acting responsibly with strong governance, to contributing to economic and community development, and to promoting a healthier lifestyle through sporting activities. Our innovative technologies are designed to reduce environmental impact by eliminating paper usage and promoting sustainable financial automation. We are proud of our diverse and inclusive workplace, and we actively support female entrepreneurship. Our governance is strong, guaranteeing full compliance with legal requirements in all regions we operate with full auditability. Visit our ESG page to learn more about our strategies, our progress, and how SoftCo are making a difference.

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