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Simplify vendor payments and earn rebates

SoftCoPay transforms payments from a cost center to a profit center by optimizing payments, earning rebates, reducing costs and mitigating payment risk. SoftCoPay, powered by Corpay, streamlines payments into a single easy to use workflow regardless of payment type (card, ACH, or check).


SoftCoPay provides a centralized, secure channel for all vendor payments through one single payment file. The seamless process, from receipt of invoice to vendor payment, delivers control and transparency with straightforward reconciliation through your ERP and a fully auditable payment process. SoftCoPay is part of the SoftCo platform and includes dashboards that provide comprehensive reporting to simplify administration for both vendors and your AP team.

Why SoftCoPay?

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Largest Vendor Network

SoftCoPay provides access to an existing network of over 3.8 million vendors across all industry verticals that are ready to accept payments from SoftCoPay.

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Bank and ERP Agnostic

SoftCoPay integrates seamlessly with your preferred bank and ERP, minimizing setup, saving you time and money.

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Earn Monthly Rebates

Your organization will earn attractive monthly rebates for vendor payments made by virtual card.

How it Works

Benefits of SoftCoPay

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Simplified Vendor Payments

Make payments, regardless of type, through one single payment file and an easy-to-use workflow.

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Improved Working Capital and Cash Control

Schedule payments in advance to remove late payment penalties and avail of discounts.

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Increased Efficiency

Streamline your payment process and remove manual errors to ensure accurate payments.

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Enhanced Security and Fraud Mitigation

Fully encrypted automated payments reduce fraud and other security breaches.

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Significantly Reduced Payment Transaction Costs

Lower your existing ACH and check payment costs.

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Complete Payment Transparency

Gain 100% control and visibility of all payments through one single source of truth.

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Cash Rebates From Card Transactions

Earn attractive rebates from all virtual card payments.

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Powerful Real-time reporting

Maintain full visibility with detailed reporting on payments by type, vendor, frequency and KPI’s.

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Accelerated International Cross-Border Payments

Process international / cross-border payments on the same-day with $0 wire fees for vendors.

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Improved Vendor Relations

Allow vendors to select their payment preference and ensure quick resolution of any vendor queries.

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“I like how simple processing payments has become.
I have one payment weekly to prepare, no complicated
reconciling process, no stale checks to manage.”

Eliminate manual tasks and fully automate your payment processes through one single workflow for all payment types.


Both domestic and international payments are revolutionized with SoftCoPay via one single channel. By delivering a single payment file, multiple manual processes are consolidated into one secure and efficient process, lowering costs and removing the risk of fraud and error. Vendor details are collected and validated for ACH payments, while Positive Pay is used on all physical checks. All card payments are PCI compliant.

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Reduce costs, remove multiple payment routines, and eliminate human error associated with normal payment processes, while also earning rebates.


SoftCoPay eliminates multiple payment routines and removes manual intervention while earning a rebate on virtual card payments. SoftCoPay, through our partners Corpay, has a network of over 3.8 million vendors and work to continuously move vendors from expensive check payments to more cost effective, faster digital payments that drives down your costs.

Improve vendor relations through a flexible, efficient, fully automated and accelerated payment process, while providing real-time visibility over the status of vendor payments.


SoftCoPay delivers payments to vendors quickly and securely, regardless of the vendor’s payment preference. The payment portal provides complete visibility of payment status and a history of all payment details. SoftCoPay ensure that any payment issues are resolved in a timely manner eliminating the involvement of your AP team.

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Solutions SoftCoPay Payments

Make smarter decisions for your organization with 100% visibility over your payment process and improved access to critical data through dedicated dashboards.


Real-time payment status means that each payment can be tracked and reconciled instantly. Dedicated SoftCoPay dashboards provide additional insights into the volume and value of payments made, by payment method and a detailed breakdown of payments by vendor, enabling you to make smarter decisions faster.

Over 30 years of seamlessly integrating with 200+ ERP’s from the industry’s biggest names to bespoke finance systems.


SoftCoPay integrates with your ERP using a standard payment file layout. All selected invoices for payment are delivered to SoftCoPay from your ERP and are tracked via the online portal with information on the payment status, payment remittance, as well as proof of payment once cleared.

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Disclaimer: SoftCoPay is available for U.S. based entities only.