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Featured Blog - 06 May 2022

How to Set Up an Effective Automated Invoice Approval Workflow

Traditionally, accounts payable processes have tended to be somewhat disorganized and inefficient, with several manual elements involved. This causes many issues for AP teams, with a disjointed invoice approval workflow a major contributing factor.

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14 Feb 2022

The 5 stages of P2P Automation

As CFOs are pressured to drive cost and time savings, many are looking to modernize their Procure-to-Pay (P2P) processes.

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08 Feb 2022

Building a Business Case for Procure-to-Pay Automation

When you’re building the business case for automating your procure-to-pay business process, use these ten points to demonstrate return on investment (ROI) and win management support.

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03 Feb 2022

4 Tips for Effectively Managing Working Capital

Working Capital management is particularly important since it is an accurate barometer for assessing the long-term financial health of a business and ensures that adequate cash flow is always maintained to meet its short-term commitments.

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27 Jan 2022

9 Benefits of Accounts Payable Automation Software

Manual AP processes brought about many challenges long before remote working was the norm and they will continue to cause problems even after staff have returned to the office. Take the opportunity now to transform your AP process for the long-term.

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12 Jan 2022

What is Robotic Process Automation and How Does it Affect Accounts Payable?

As organizations continue to look for ways to reduce costs and improve efficiencies, one particular technology that is growing in popularity is that of Robotic Process Automation (RPA).

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16 Dec 2021

Managing Your Remote Finance Team in 2022

In this blog we look at some steps businesses can take to manage and support a decentralized finance team.

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06 Dec 2021

5 Steps to Making Year-End Close Easy

December is typically a season full of festive celebrations, holiday lights, and good cheer. Yet before kicking off the new year, accounting departments face the grueling task of closing the books for the year.

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18 Nov 2021

AP Automation – Your Key to Reducing Fraud

In 2020, 74% of organizations became the target of payment scams and companies lost more than $3.6 billion due to fraud. Knowing that your company isn’t alone may not be exactly comforting, but a simple solution can fix commonly occurring weaknesses.

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29 Oct 2021

Why You Need to Automate in 2022

By now, most businesses have successfully prioritized the digitization of client-facing and revenue-generating technologies. The next phase of growth comes from internal automation of functions that promotes cost saving and strategic planning. 

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08 Oct 2021

Why Your ERP Alone Won’t Solve Your AP Issues

You might be using an ERP to manage your various financial processes today, but is it giving you everything you want or need?

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10 Sep 2021

7 Key steps to delivering the best Accounts Payable Automation Solution

The challenges experienced by accounts payable teams, as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, has led to a surge in the number of organizations implementing AP automation. However, before you implement an AP solution, there are a number of steps to consider.

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30 Jul 2021

Step into AP – Don’t Let Automation Anxiety Hold You Back!

Despite the challenges that manual AP processes create for businesses, some choose not to automate their AP processes, often due to apprehension and some misconceptions. We explain how to make the initial step into AP, without fully automating straight away.

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How to Set Up an Effective Automated Invoice Approval Workflow

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