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SoftCo ExpressAP is a smart, powerful cloud-based Accounts Payable Automation solution that reduces the cost of processing vendor invoices by 80%. SoftCo ExpressAP automates vendor invoice processing including capture, registration, coding, query and approval. ERP payment is facilitated through the generation of a CSV, XML or custom file output ready to be loaded to the ERP system. 

Invoice processing is 100% touchless, supporting remote working, on-the-go email approval, and an easy-to-use Vendor Portal. All information is stored in the secure SÄHKE2 and ISO 27001 certified SoftCo Compliant Archive. The system provides a full audit trail over the entire lifecycle of documents. 

SoftCo ExpressAP is hosted in the cloud and managed by SoftCo’s highly skilled DevOps team, using Amazon’s Web Services. SoftCo is a certified Amazon Advanced Technology Partner and AWS delivers all cloud hosting services ensuring performance, scalability, and security. SoftCo ExpressAP is deployed rapidly, with unlimited users. There are no capital costs, no upfront costs, just a simple monthly fee.  SoftCo ExpressAP is built on the SoftCo10 platform and provides a seamless upgrade path to the Enterprise solutions, including Procure-to-Pay, eProcurement and Vendor Management.



cost reduction


upfront costs


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  • Streamline the capture and processing of all vendor invoices.
  • Remove manual processes incl. printing, scanning and filing of invoices.
  • Automate invoice approval via swift email signoff with full visibility.
  • Improve vendor performance and ensure no duplicate invoices.
  • Process payments promptly while imposing corporate standards.
  • Generate powerful reports improving productivity and decision-making.
  • Meet compliance storage obligations with fast retrieval and audits.

How It Works

Capture and Onboarding

Multiple invoice capture and rapid onboarding of users, vendors, GL codes and approval matrix.

Invoice Registration

Invoices are automatically registered and exceptions (such as duplicates) escalated.

OCR & Auto-indexing

Data is auto-indexed removing the need for manual keying.

AP Coding and Routing

Streamlined AP coding captures the correct GL and Cost Center for each invoice.

Invoice Approval

Approval routing based on rules/hierarchy and signoff via the web app or accelerated email approval ‘on-the-go’.

Queries and Exceptions

Resolved queries and exceptions re-routed, signed-off and processed for payment.

Rejected Invoices

Rejected invoices routed back to vendors for query and exception handling.

Output to ERP

Approved invoices sent for processing and CSV/XML or custom file generated for loading into ERP/finance system.

Real-time Reporting

Intuitive dashboard reports monitor key performance metrics.

Vendor Portal

Full visibility on orders and invoices status, queries, delays or discrepancies.

Compliant Cloud Archive

Invoices archived in the Cloud for compliance, query and audit.

“The SoftCo system has been faultless, reducing our invoice query times by 75%. It is very user friendly, stable and high performing software.”

Michael Leahy, IT Business Analyst, Dairygold

Invoice Capture and Registration

  • Invoice Capture

    SoftCo ExpressAP handles multiple invoice sources. Vendor invoices are collected via a dedicated email address and all traffic is managed by SoftCo ExpressAP.

  • OnBoarding

    SoftCo ExpressAP Onboarding is straightforward via a simple spreadsheet of Financial information and Master Data.  This includes vendor data, user data including approval hierarchy, and coding data with GL and Cost Center information. The data is automatically loaded ìnto SoftCo ExpressAP and you are ‘ready to go’.

  • Registration & Auto-Indexing

    The vendor invoice is registered and all invoice header details are automatically captured. SoftCo ExpressAP incorporates fully automated data capture using OCR and smart validation, replacing manual key entry and index invoices ready for AP coding. Fields auto-indexed include vendor name, invoice number, invoice date, and invoice Net, VAT/Tax Gross values. SoftCo ExpressAP handles all foreign currencies.

  • PO Number Capture

    SoftCo ExpressAP allows for a corresponding PO number to either be automatically added during the invoice capture process or added manually during the coding of an invoice. The PO number is then visible throughout the processing lifecycle and is available for searching, filtering and reporting. The PO Number is included in the export file to the ERP, enabling matching to take place within the ERP.

Coding and Routing

  • Duplicates Alert

    Once auto-indexing is completed, SoftCo ExpressAP checks for duplicate invoices to ensure invoices are not paid multiple times.  The system also checks to ensure a valid vendor and valid invoice totals.

  • AP Coding

    The optimized coding process enables the AP team to efficiently code the correct GL and Cost Centre information for each invoice.  Posting models for vendors can be saved for reuse and coding information can be auto imported via spreadsheets.

  • Routing

    Once coding is completed, invoices are automatically routed for approval based on defined approval rules and hierarchies.  Invoices can be emailed for query with associated comments or rejected and returned to the vendor.

  • Automatic Rejection

    If any key fields are missing from the vendor invoice, there is an option to automatically reject the invoice. An automated process returns the invoice to the relevant vendor with the associated reasons.

Approval and Query Management

  • Approval Workflows

    SoftCo ExpressAP delivers an accelerated and secure invoice approval process. Invoices are routed for approval based on a defined approval matrix and limits. Automated email notifications are sent, followed by reminders to prompt approver actions.

  • Out of Office & Substitution

    SoftCo ExpressAP supports ‘out of office’ status ensuring there is no delay in invoices being processed.  In addition, ‘substitutes’ are allocated where for example an AP Clerk is on annual leave and the system provides full visibility over the work completed.

  • Approval Process

    Approvers receive a notification email with simple action buttons for ‘approve/reject’ within the email. The email includes the invoice as an attachment and a summary of the invoice.  If the approver rejects the invoice it is automatically returned to the vendor. With SoftCo ExpressAP ‘on-the-go’ email approval, it takes just seconds for verifiers and approvers to progress invoices to the next stage. The invoice “Transfer” option also allows approvers to transfer invoices to another registered approver, rather than have to reject the invoice back to the AP team and start the process again, ensuring that there are no lengthy delays to the processing of invoices.

  • Query Management

    SoftCo ExpressAP ensures that all invoice queries are actioned immediately. Invoice queries are routed directly to the appropriate user’s email where they respond to the query via email approval or directly through the SoftCo ExpressAP Vendor Portal.

Real-Time Reporting and ERP Integration

  • Dashboard

    SoftCo ExpressAP provides real-time information and visibility of key activities in graphical format.  Bottlenecks relating to specific vendors or users are always visible and promptly addressed.

  • Status Reporting

    Real Time Analytics and Reports include active invoices by status, invoices by exception reason, invoices awaiting approval by user, invoice by vendor by status and invoices by users and by value.

  • Output to ERP

    SoftCo ExpressAP generates a CSV, XML or custom file format for straightforward loading by the AP team into the ERP/Finance System.  The output file includes Invoice header data, coded information, and approvals to facilitate payment.

Vendor Portal

  • Vendor Visibility

    With SoftCo ExpressAP, vendors track the progress of invoices submitted removing the need to chase payments over the phone or via email. Once an invoice is submitted for a specific purchase order, vendors track its progress through the portal and view its status within the approval process. This process removes any dangers of duplicate invoices being submitted.

  • Benefiting Vendors

    The SoftCo Vendor Portal also provides significant commercial benefits to vendors who can submit invoices via the portal, gain visibility of the status of orders and invoices and can addresses any queries, delays, or discrepancies rapidly. The query management module ensures that all queries are captured, actioned and recorded within the system in the event of a dispute.

Secure Storage

  • Fast Retrieval

    SoftCo ExpressAP incorporates a secure archive using fast Content Addressable Storage (CAS) providing powerful and rapid search tools for multiple document types with strict access control.  The result is the immediate processing of queries whether internally, from vendors, or in relation to external audit requirements.

  • Secure Document Storage

    All documents are stored as password-protected PDFs, preventing unauthorized access, printing and saving of documents. The solution incorporates Digital Fingerprint technology ensuring the authenticity of original, unaltered documents. 

  • Document Lifecycle Management

    SoftCo ExpressAP provides a full audit trail over the entire lifecycle of documents. From initial storage, to search and retrieval, auditing and reporting, through to digitally ‘shredding’ documents at the end of the defined lifecycle. 

  • Cloud Hosting & Security

    SoftCo ExpressAP is hosted in the cloud using Amazon’s Web Services. Amazon is a leading global provider of cloud hosting services with the highest levels of performance and security. SoftCo ExpressAP uses the same infrastructure and security components as the largest environments hosted by SoftCo for Enterprise and Government customers. SoftCo is a certified AWS Advanced Technology Partner and all hosting services are centrally managed by SoftCo’s highly skilled DevOps team.

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