Automate the issuing of invoices and improve AR days

SoftCo eBilling is a comprehensive Accounts Receivable (AR) Software that reduces costs, decreases AR days and enhances your credit control. SoftCo eBilling solution automates the issuing of electronic invoices and statements to your customers. The platform automatically configures billing frequencies and methods.


SoftCo eBilling software gives full visibility over your customers’ billing documents including invoices, statements, and proofs of delivery with real-time account balance information. With SoftCo eBilling you invite your customers to register on the SoftCo eBilling portal, removing the outdated and slower process of chasing payments over the phone. Customers enter their email address and password on the system and select billing method preferences.

With SoftCo eBilling, customers have access to all documents associated with their account including invoices, credit notes, proof of delivery and statements. Account summaries provide an up-to-date financial position.

100% Customer

Regulatory &
Financial Compliance

Elimination of
Manual Tasks

Benefits of SoftCo eBilling

Seamless Customer Onboarding

Seamlessly and securely register and onboard customers on the eBilling Portal.

Reduced Days Sales Outstanding

Issue invoices faster through electronic billing, accelerating payment cycles and decrease AR payment days.

Intuitive eBilling Portal

Reduce costs and fully automate your customer billing.

100% Customer Visibility

Provide customers real-time access to account balances and documents.

Optimized eBilling

Configurable billing schedule and alternate payment methods.

Powerful Reporting and AI Analytics

Greater transparency with real-time access and full historical reporting.

Accelerated POD Capture

Capture signed POD’s to confirm goods acceptance and fast-track query resolution.

“I would recommend SoftCo to any business who is interested in working with a technology partner who understands their business and implements innovative technology.“

Colm Scannell, Head of IT, Grafton Ireland

Seamlessly register and onboard your customers to the SoftCo eBilling platform allowing customer self-management and removing manual data entry tasks from your organization. 


Self-Service Onboarding
SoftCo eBilling enables your customers to register themselves onto the portal. They simply enter their email address and create a password to log in. Customers log in utilizing 2-factor authentication to ensure security details are validated.

Customer Self-Management
With SoftCo eBilling, customers have access to all documents associated with their account including invoices, credit notes, proof of delivery and statements. In addition, account summaries are included to provide an up-to-date financial position.

Fully automate the issuing of invoices, credit notes and statements to customers with fully configurable billing schedule and distribution.


The SoftCo eBilling portal automates the issuing of invoices, credit notes and statements to registered customers either via email or through the portal, ensuring you receive payments on time. In addition, signed POD’s are also captured on the Portal to confirm goods acceptance and to fast-track query resolution.

Billing Frequency
SoftCo eBilling provides a fully configurable billing schedule to allow you to meet your customer’s preferences.

The platform allows you to configure the method by which your customers are billed, either by email, EDI, print and post or via the SoftCo eBilling portal. SoftCo eBilling integrates with all handheld POD devices.

Gain visibility into your customers’ transaction history, real-time account balance and immediately provide customers with relevant documentation to cut Accounts Receivable days.


Reduce Debtor days
SoftCo eBilling ensures that invoices are issued faster via the eBilling Portal and are immediately available to your customers with all associated documentation. The result is reduced days sales outstanding, greater transparency and full reporting.

Account Balance Information
SoftCo eBilling provides access to your customers’ transaction history and real-time account balance information, so you are always aware of your orders and when payments are due.

Access to Documents
SoftCo eBilling provides easy and secure access to your customers’ billing documentation, including invoices, statements and proofs of delivery. The platform links all supporting documentation, including proofs of delivery and specification documents to your issued invoices.

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