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SoftCo ECM

SoftCo Enterprise Content Management provides capture, document, and workflow management to automate a wide range of processes within organizations. The platform has the ability to manage and store large quantities of documents in a number of different formats (paper, email, PDF, XML, EDI, etc.)

The SoftCo Enterprise Content Management Platform enables organizations to index and categorize each document during the capture process so they are searchable. The Enterprise Content Management Platform integrates seamlessly with all finance systems, databases, and line-of-business applications.

Data Capture

SoftCo Enterprise Content Management eliminates the need to print, scan, and manually key information by capturing documents in various formats (paper, email, PDF, XML, EDI, etc.) from an array of devices. The platform also enables bidirectional integration with the organization’s existing line-of-business applications.

Document Approval Workflow

SoftCo Workflow delivers full, high-end workflow and business process automation that is completely integrated with existing systems – with users, roles, and access control. SoftCo workflow functionality includes dynamic rules verification and a comprehensive rules engine to support the most complex of processes.

Compliant Archive

SoftCo Storlife is a Content Addressed Storage (CAS) solution included in the SoftCo Enterprise Content Management Platform. SoftCo Storlife simplifies the management, protection, and access rights for critical information over its entire lifecycle.

Reporting and Analytics

Enterprise Content Management facilitates reporting between SoftCo and line-of-business applications. Reports and real-time dashboards enable management to measure performance and present KPIs that are important to the organization in an accessible dashboard.

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