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Featured Blog - 14 Sep 2023

Navigating Complexity: 5 Accounts Payable Challenges in Aviation

In this article, we’ll discuss accounts payable challenges within the aviation industry and how automation overcomes these obstacles.

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05 Jan 2019

Embracing Mobile: A Game-Changer for Finance

Going mobile for finance activities is a growing phenomenon. As of 2016, over half of all smartphone owners with a bank account used mobile banking at some stage during the previous 12 months.

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01 Jan 2019

Is Your AP Team Signalling Change?

Finance Manager, Imelda Sweeney, has identified a number of red flags that are often present in accounts payable (AP) departments and indicate the need for improvements in AP processes.

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06 Jul 2016

Gartner Report on Critical CFO Technology Needs

Gartner has published its 2015 Gartner International CFO Technology Study; a 47-page report providing valuable insights into the modern CFO’s role in technology decisions and the CFO’s investment preferences.

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29 Jun 2016

Should Your Company Be Using EDI?

Electronic data interchange, or EDI, is the system-to-system transfer of data, from one trading partner to another. The transfer is facilitated by standardized, electronic message formatting without the need for manual intervention.

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