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Finance Leaders Lagging behind on Automation Adoption – EY Report

According to a new report by EY, CFOs and Heads of Finance in Ireland are lagging behind in terms of planning for the future impact of technology on their organizations.

The survey was carried out this summer amongst Ireland’s top CFOs and Heads of Finance, from 39 different institutions, covering a range of subsectors in the financial services industry.

The report, titled ‘Finance of the Future’, finds that 9 in 10 CFOs consider their organization to be lacking high levels of automation in their business processes. This is despite the fact that 70% of CFOs believe the role of the finance function will fundamentally change in the next 10 years.

The report goes on to highlight big data and advanced analytics along with sophisticated planning and forecasting tools as the top two finance capabilities that will be critical to meeting the demands of financial services in the future. However, almost 70% of surveyed CFOs say there has been no activity or they are only in the initial stages of looking into data analytics and forecasting.

In order to combat this, EY state that organizations need to invest in technology to free up more resources.


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Click here for the full EY report.

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