Supplier Relationship Management

Improve supplier relationships while reducing costs

Onboard Suppliers Efficiently and Compliantly

  • Supplier self-management

    Encourage suppliers to log in and input their own company information during the onboarding process.

  • Approval Workflows

    Automatically route invoices to the appropriate person within your organization for approval..

Intuitive Supplier Catalog

  • Work with Preferred Suppliers and Products

    Make financial savings when deciding to buy preferred products from preferred suppliers where prices have been negotiated.

  • Punch-Out Function

    View product information within the catalog directly from the supplier’s website.

  • Reduce Invoice Creation Times with PO Flip

    Automatically create an invoice using pre-existing data from a PO.

PO and Invoice Tracking

  • Provide Supplier Visibility

    Suppliers can log in and find out exactly where in the approval process their invoice is.

  • Encourage communication within portal

    Engagement with suppliers takes place in a controlled environment.

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