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How to Mitigate the Risks of Payment Fraud

Are you still managing payments manually, despite the growing risks? Did you know that in 2023, businesses lost over $4.2 billion due to payment fraud, a significant portion of which was attributed to manual payment methods? (Source: Association for Financial Professionals, 2023)

Mark Penserini, VP, Partner Management of Corpay & Jon Byrd, Payments Specialist at SoftCo,  discuss how Payment Automation will transform your business operations, reducing vulnerability, ensuring your company’s finances are secure and reduce costs.

Don’t let your business be the next victim of manual payment fraud. Watch On-Demand Today!


In this webinar, we dive deep into:

  • Understanding B2B Payment Fraud: An in-depth look into the most common types of fraud perpetrated in B2B transactions and the typical vulnerabilities exploited by fraudsters.
  • The Power of Payment Automation: Learn about the transformative potential of payment automation in mitigating risks, improving efficiency, and enhancing security.
  • Transitioning from Manual to Automated: We’ll provide a roadmap to help your business transition smoothly from manual payment methods to automated systems.
  • Q&A Session: Our expert panel will address your questions, helping you make an informed decision about implementing payment automation in your organization.

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Jon Byrd SoftCo


Jon Byrd
Senior Account Manager - SoftCo

Mark Penserini Corpay


Mark Penserini
VP, Partner Management - Corpay

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