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Arro reduces invoice handling times by 50% with SoftCo AP

SoftCo is delighted to announce that Arro has reduced invoice handling times by 50% since implementing SoftCo AP Automation (SoftCo AP). Arro is a buying group for over 100 independent home, garden, DIY and builders merchants with a turnover in excess of €100million. SoftCo AP automates the capture, matching, and approval of supplier invoices providing full visibility, and compliance for Arro.

Prior to the deployment of SoftCo AP, Arro manually processed over 155,000 invoices annually on behalf of their members. Invoices were received in both paper and electronic formats, and for legal compliance required a company revenue stamp. With SoftCo AP, invoices are captured electronically and automatically watermarked for revenue invoice stamping. Invoices are routed for approval and compliantly archived in SoftCo’s ISO 27001-certified cloud platform.

“Within a year of deploying SoftCo AP, we have reduced by 50% the number of times a particular invoice is handled, increased our internal visibility and we have reduced our invoice processing backlog by 30%.We no longer handle paper, we manage exceptions.”

Dave Geoghegan, Arro

SoftCo AP also integrates seamlessly with Arro’s internal ERP system, Integrity, ensuring that approved invoices are automatically posted to Integrity for payment.

“The SoftCo team has really impressed me and I look forward to continuing our work together. We’ve taken something that was hugely manual and automated it with SoftCo AP.”

Dave Geoghegan, Arro


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