Webinar: SoftCo ExpressAP: AP Made Easy - ON DEMAND WEBINAR

Webinar: The Future of Accounts Payable: 5 Key Priorities for 2018

In this webinar, SoftCo’s Joel Streightiff and Adam McDonagh demonstrate our new AP automation solution, SoftCo ExpressAP.

With Softco ExpressAP you will be up and running in hours. SoftCo ExpressAP automates invoice capture, coding, and workflow, reducing manual work and costs.


Adam McDonagh, VP North America, SoftCo

Adam has worked closely with CFO's and finance professionals in Fortune 500, Fortune 1,000 and other industry-leading organizations to automate their Procure-to-Pay and Accounts Payable Processes. Adam will demonstrate how SoftCo's new ExpressAP solution helps organizations address the challenges associated with manual AP processes.

Joel Streightiff, Regional Sales Manager, SoftCo

Joel is an industry leader in B2B technology sales, with over 25 years' experience in helping organizations to automate their AP and P2P processes.